Scholarships and Financial Aid

Check out the links below for information about how students can access scholarships. Many of the scholarships are available digitally through online platforms.  Also included below is a link to the FAFSA website for students to apply for financial aid. Some scholarships require a student aid Index (SAI) to be submitted. The SAI can only be accessed once the FAFSA is completed. 

The Wayne County Community Foundation scholarships will be available starting on Friday, December 15

The Dalton scholarships through Going Merry will be available starting Thursday, December 21


Click Here to go to the Wayne County Community Foundation website. Students can apply to scholarships through the community foundation until March 15. Students will have access to a few scholarships that are only available to Dalton students as well as scholarships available to all students in Wayne County. 

Click Here to access scholarships only available to Dalton students through an online platform called Going Merry. Students will need to sign up for an account and create a profile. Students will be matched to scholarships based on their profile information. Students may also get matched with scholarships that are not just for Dalton students so they are welcome to apply for those as well. 

Below is a link to a reference sheet that lists all of the Going Merry Scholarships that are available to just Dalton students. 

Going Merry Scholarships for DHS 

Click Here to access a spreadsheet with some Wayne County, state, regional, and national scholarships not accessible through the Wayne County Community Foundation or Going Merry. Some of these scholarships have online applications, some have paper. This spreadsheet will be updated periodically when additional scholarship applications are available. 

Click Here to go to the FAFSA website to apply for financial aid. The FAFSA will be available by December 31. Students planning to attend college next school year will complete the 2024-2025 FAFSA. Students/Parents can create their FSA ID now to speed up the process by clicking on "create account" in the top left corner of the website. 

Additional Scholarships

Dalton All Sports Booster Club Scholarship: Due May 3

Application Link 

Roger L. Kinney Scholarship: Due May 3

Application Link 

Shreve Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star Scholarship: Due May 8

Application Link