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Phone: 330.828.2405 (extension 5)

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Transportation Supervisor

Shane Twining

FAQ Transportation Questions and Answers

Can my child ride another bus or get off at a stop other than their assigned home bus


No. A driver is only permitted to drop students off at the designated stop indicated on their

route sheet. Student school bus riders need to remain consistent for the safety of all.

I need to change my child to a pick up or drop off instead of riding the bus. Who do I call?

Morning changes: Please contact the transportation office at 330-828-2405, option 5 to let them know if your child is not riding in the morning.

Afternoon changes: If you are changing the after school dismissal plan of your child, please call your school’s secretary 330-828-2405 (option 2 for elementary, option 3 for middle school).

My child is staying over at a friend or family member’s house. Can they ride a different bus?

No. Students must ride their assigned bus. In this scenario you should arrange for your child to be picked up from school instead of riding the bus. You must notify your school secretary in the morning to make this change.

Why does the bus not come to my house but does come to my neighbor’s?

All kindergarten students (and their siblings) are able to ride the bus.

Starting in first grade, students living within a 1 mile radius of the school will need to walk or be a pick up/drop off.

I need to change my transportation plans permanently. What should I do?

  1. Contact the Transportation Office at 330-828-2405, option 5

  2. Update your student’s Transportation page on Final Forms

  3. Contact your school secretary. If your address has changed, you must provide proof of residency and update Final Forms ASAP.

Why are students asked to arrive at the bus stop ten minutes before the bus pickup


We ask students to arrive at their assigned bus stop at least ten minutes prior to pick up time so

that they are ready and waiting for the bus to arrive. This helps to ensure a faster loading time.

It also ensures that they are there in case the time on their clock or watch differs slightly from

the time for the driver.

My child's bus arrives later than the scheduled pickup time. What causes

the delays?

Bus routes are planned to run on a fairly set schedule. If your child's bus is running behind

schedule, there could be uncontrollable factors that are affecting the pickup time. There could be traffic delays, the bus could have a substitute driver, students at earlier stops causing a delay, or weather issues. This is another reason why we ask all children to be ready and waiting at their bus stops so we can minimize delays.

My child missed the morning bus. Can the bus come back to the bus stop?

Buses cannot return for students who missed the bus. Please be sure your child arrives at the

designated bus stop at least ten minutes ahead of schedule.

My child missed the bus at school this afternoon. Can the bus come back?

The drivers receive a signal from school staff when they can depart after sufficient time has been allowed for students to exit the school to board the buses. Sometimes students are held up at school for unforeseen reasons and miss their school bus. Once buses depart the school, if the Transportation Office is notified that a child is left behind, every effort will be made to return for the student. However, if the bus is no longer in the proximity of the school the driver will not be able to return until the entire route has been completed.

Who should I speak to about problems that occurred on my child's bus?

If there is an issue or a concern on the bus or with a bus driver, route or general questions,

please call the Transportation Office at 330-828-2405, option 5 or your school’s principal.