HS Athletics

See "Final Forms",  for all the forms that need to be completed BEFORE you can participate.

Athletic Director

Zach McFarren zmcfarren@daltonlocal.org


Baseball: Scott Huth shuth@daltonlocal.org

Boys Basketball: Cody Huth chuth@daltonlocal.org

Girl Basketball: Chase Moyer cmoyer@daltonlocal.org

Cheerleading: Hailey Bennett hbennett@daltonlocal.org

Cross Country: Jodi Augspurger jaugspurger@daltonlocal.org

Football: Ray Leek rleek@daltonlocal.org

Golf: Isaac Haver ihaver@daltonlocal.org

Softball: Rob Fiesler rfiesler@daltonlocal.org

Swimming: Tammy Lyons coachtammylyons@gmail.com

Track & Field: Seth Sullivan ssullivan@daltonlocal.org

Track & Field: Jodi Augspurger jaugspurger@daltonlocal.org

Volleyball: Allison Hostetler ahostetler@daltonlocal.org

Wrestling: Kenton Lemon klemon@daltonlocal.org

WCAL Website: http://www.wcalathletics.org/ 

“In accordance with State and Federal law, the District will provide reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities who wish to attend and/or participate in school events. Such individuals should notify the Superintendent if they require a reasonable accommodation.”