School Counselor

DMS School Counselor Information

My name is Mrs. Melissa Carathers, and I am the DEMS School Counselor. I am available at the elementary and middle school levels for individual and small group counseling services. Areas of concern may be academic and/or non-academic, such as school transitions, friendships/relationships, family changes, grief, organization skills and test anxiety. I also coordinate a variety of programs within the school to address career awareness, financial literacy, character education, leadership and healthy choices. There are times I will coordinate community awareness programs, which will be advertised through the district's social media accounts, the district's website and local newspapers. Your child will get to know me best during classroom guidance lessons. If you have a concern, please feel free to contact me by phone at 330.828.2405 or email at

We are fortunate to also have clinical counselor, Mrs. Ann Dennison, LPCC, from The Counseling Center as a resource for our families. Her services are only available through a referral from a school administrator, school counselor, and/or the CARE Team. Her areas of speciality include clinical individual counseling to address things like anxiety, depression, ADHD, oppositional behaviors, trauma and any other mental health concerns.

Programs and Events for 2019-2020

Pajama Drive- this drive typically starts after Thanksgiving. Please watch our building newsletter for more specific information.

Real Money, Real World- this financial literacy and career awareness simulation for 6th and 8th graders will be held on Friday, May 22. Please call or email Mrs. Carathers if you would like to volunteer.

S.O.S. Program- this prevention program is offered by The Counseling Center to help students recognize signs of depression and know what to do if someone they know is in trouble.

Anti-Virus- Mrs. Carathers teaches this character building program to 7th graders as a follow-up to what they learned as 6th graders.