ODE - Parent Tip: KNOW!

We could all agree, parenting is one of the more difficult endeavors someone will ever go through. However, the rewards are priceless! There are times as a parent when it is difficult to have tough conversations with our child. The Ohio Department of Education created "Parent Tip: KNOW!" to help parents have those discussions. Click on the links below to help you prepare to start that conversation and follow through on supporting your child during both good and difficult times.

Know!To Steer Youth Clear of Psychedelics

Know! Gratitude for the Health of It

To Bust the Myths to Prevent Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

Know, Secure, Disposeā€”To Prevent Teen Prescription Drug Abuse!

Know! To Positively Connect with Your Teen

Know! To Beware of the Benadryl Challenge

Know! To Define Racial Terms for Teens

Know! To Talk About George Floyd and Racism with Youth

Know! Teens Can Be Apart But Together for Summer Fun

Know! How to Keep Kids in Focus If Divorce Occurs

Know! How to Fight Teen Depression

Know! The Red Flags of Teen Depression

Know! Teens are NOT so Footloose and Fancy-Free

Know! To Put Kindness into Action

Know! To Practice Good Sportsmanship